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Version: next planed
- Histogram in Test-Sheet.
- Failed tests in red, bold and underline in Test-Sheet.

Version: 20180825-2100
- detected airspeed as smal letter left of volume in current measurings
- detailed tooltip about used airflowspeed over the blinking liter sensor indicator on screen
- bug fix: correct values in table of results with correct roundings
- bug fix: calibration is working again
Version: 20180807-0105
- Limits shown on graf will change with choosen standard
- Measuring Diagram appear only during test
- During test most other functions not valid.
- Restructure of screen visibility.
Version: 20180724-1820
- bug fix: click in histgram crash the programm when no measurings done
Version: 20180723-1900
- Histogram renew by click, when it sometimes not appear - after minimize
- bug fix: Close test will now delete old measurings 
Version: 20180722-1900
- encryption for saved results
Version: 20190719-2240
- Test Sheet with preview
Version: 20180710-2145