LAB-BT3 downloads

   0.12 MByte Lab-Ident-20200909-all-customer
   14.60 MByte BT03 200817 rrt
   14.60 MByte BT03 200817 Top Feel
   14.60 MByte BT03 200817 Thai Nippon
   14.61 MByte BT03 200817 Alpina Plast

Version 200817
- small optical changes on PrintPreview of <Tools>-<View-Print Validation-Calibration Sheet>
- no expiry date of company header
- different company header for new customer
Version 20200718-2000
- Read only number of heads set in setting dialog instead of all 12
- Program start with splash screen
- Processor using percentage in status bar
- Result table clear when break and continue
Version 20200716-1915
- Result table clear when close test
Version: 20200713-2245
- Standard-Manager: Modified tooltip for Password-Manager field
Version: 20200711-2000
- Will not break by starting a new Burst-Test
Version: 20200625-1945
- Fixed: Flickering of "Board Check and Set-Adress all" dialog
- Win10 transformation on develoopment computer
- Set of tools for remote diagnosis
- Completed: Standard-Manager is able to edit its file "sm.asc"
- Standard-Manager-File moved from: "C:\cmd" to "C:\CMD-DATA\LAB-BT3\Others"
Version: 20200514-2100
- New more featured printer-preview-dialog
All printer settings available there
All parts of "Test-Sheet" switchable
Histogram in height changeable
Statistic for each head comparison
- User defined business header from file: "C:\CMD-DATA\LAB-BT3\Others\Lab-Ident.rtf"
Can be created with e.g. Word-Pad an saved as "RTF" file.
Version: 20200414-0025
- Print test results correct on more than 1 page
- Change from .NET Framework 4.0.0 to 4.5.2 for Component One third party parts
Version: 20200404-0015
- Merge to only one Dialog and bug fixes for Board-Check and Select-Adress dialogs
- Change from .NET Framework 4.0.0 to 4.5.2 for Microsoft .NET parts
- Change from Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to 2019
Version: 20200321-1930
- Only one instance of LAB-BT3 can run at same time, to avoid crashes after starting a second instance.
- Will generate self default theoretical calibration-file after first installation to avoid chrashes from missing calibration-file
Version: 20200307-1400
- Also color of pressed green or red key is shown in 1. Column of Current Measurings section
- New Label in Statusbar shows Status of data savings ENC or ASC / [times]
Version: 20200307-0030
- Export Data
- Bug-Fix counting of tests will start by 1
- red key handling new
- green key will only stop machine, no effect for results
- View/Print of Calibration Sheet.
Version: 20191230-2105
- Histogram will be available in Test-Sheet.
Version: 20191125-1415
- Single result sheet will show fail as red, bold and underline.
Version: 20191115-2030
- Graf will always start at 0 line.
- Red/Green buttons at machine and on screen working in same way also after test.
- automatically refresh of min/max statistics when no head is running, no button.
Version: 20191108-2345
- Refresh Button for recalculation of statistics.
(Is needed after use of red/green button after test, because this
function will use to much resources during test).
Version: 20191107-1630
- Internal optimizations.
Version: 20191106-2355
- Histogram Testsheet prepared and under construction.
- red and green buttons will work also after test ends.
- no confusions with old test when start a new test.
Version: 20191101-2255
- If start button is pressed, without condom, the software will not register it to table of results.
- Invalid (red) test button is pressed while condom inflating, the software will not register it to table of results.
- Condoms inflates, and burst, pressure and volume will be set correctly.
- LAB-Ident set to "rrt".
Version: 20190720-0125
- encryption for saved results.
- Password Manager.
- Test Sheet with preview.